Meta Immersive Learning Academy

Welcome to the Immersive Learning Academy

The Immersive Learning Academy is designed for both beginner and professional creators to develop augmented reality (AR) skills and knowledge through our Meta Spark course.

Through workshops and networking sessions, we seek to encourage more people to partake in the development of the metaverse in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Impact of Immersive Learning Academy

The April 2022 Analysis Group report on The Potential Global Economic Impact of the Metaverse, estimates that if the metaverse was to be adopted and grown in a similar way to mobile technology in Latin America, then it could be associated with a $320 billion growth (or a 5% increase in the regional GDP) after 10 years.

AR creators

Learn from a group of talented creators from Latin America and the Caribbean whose AR effects have collectively been used by millions of people. Get inspired and become a part of this wave of innovation!

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Learn augmented reality

Whether you’re a new learner or an experienced professional, Meta Spark Studio has all of the features and capabilities you need to create engaging augmented reality effects.

Learn to translate an idea into a professional interactive Meta Spark experience. 

Explore online courses and training programs that can help you become a creator in augmented reality. 

Get to know our partners

The metaverse will not be created by a single company. That is why, together with experts, we are supporting the creation of an AR ecosystem that will generate new social and economic opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean.


In Argentina, we launched the program with Puerta 18, an organization dedicated to the education of young people between the ages of 13 and 25 on subjects such as technology, science and art, which are essential to improve employability, promote development and help reduce the digital gap as a result.


In Chile, we launched our program hand-in-hand with the Center for the Technological Revolution in Creative Industries (CRT+IC), a public-private entity aiming to develop cutting-edge strategies and infrastructure.

They are 100% dedicated to bringing research, development and technological innovation to initiatives in the creative sector—promoting projects that impact, diversify and boost the national productivity matrix.


In Colombia, we work with Hypercubus, a creative and strategic design agency that seeks to transform social, educational and corporate environments through the development of methodologies, skills and culture necessary for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


We have a solid network of partners in various sectors and state-wide governmental institutions that support us in implementing the program nationally.


In Uruguay, we partnered with The Electric Factory, a creative innovation agency that creates AR effects for brands and companies around the world.

Additionally, we teamed up with the Technological University of Uruguay and the Inter-American Development Bank to expand the impact of our trainings and the opportunities they provide throughout the country.